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Preservation method










Water, Platinum

150ml(50ml×3 bottles)

Store in cool and dark place


15,400 yen (including VAT)

How to take

“sai” can be drunk as is, or added to drinking water or other beverages.
The recommended usage is 5ml per day. One box of “sai” (150ml) contains one-month spply.
Long-term users tend to drink Sai upon waking up or before sleep, making it a daily self-care routine.

Platinum Nanoroido


“sai is a soft drink containing pure water and platinum.

"sai" is produced under license for manufacturing of a soft drink.
“sai” is odorless tasteless, so it can be added to water, tea or other beverages.
“sai is produced adhering all soft drink standards and contains no harmful component

Electrical potential of (−) 40mV

Platinum particles in “sai” maintains the electrical potential of (−) 40mV, which is almost the same electrical potential as that of a healthy cell. Drinking colloidal platinum with an electron-donating property will help you maintain a balance of your body.

Excellent oxidation-reduction potential

Platinum particles contained in “sai” have continuous anti-oxidation effects, which prevents oxidation. They also show reduction effects, which fight the harmful effects of excessive oxidation. “sai” retain its redox effect while it is in the body.


Researches have proven that "sai" emitts light, which is perceptible by the human eye. Drinking “sai” is equivalent to taking “the light of platinum with the electron energy” in your body.

Music you can drink

In 2012, a sound generated from sai was detected in a research conducted at Tokyo City Univ. It is the origin of the phrase “Music you can drink”. Sound is said to be an essential factor in achieving a balance of mind and body.

Nano-platinum drink sai Phots