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Q and A About "sai"

Doesn't "sai" contain platinum ion?
We have confirmed that "sai" does not contain platinum ion. (minimum limit of determination, LD:0.0021 ppm). We remove low molecular weight like ion substances from "sai" through ultrafiltration membranes.
Does drinking "sai" cause metal allergy?
Generally speaking, metal allergy is caused by ionized metals. Metals are ionized by body fluid like sweat and sputum and taken into the human body and absorbed into the system of the body. This is the mechanism of metal allergy. It is said that precious metals, platinum and gold, are used for ornaments due to their characteristic of not being ionized easily and that they don't usually show allergic reaction.

We have confirmed by observation under an electric microscope that platinum in "sai" is not ionized or oxidized and also we have confirmed by the metal allergy patch test that "sai" is safe to drink.

We suggest those who have experienced metal allergy or get allergy reaction after drinking "sai" should consult doctors.
I want to know how to keep "sai".
You must not freeze "sai". After opening the bottle keep it in a cool and dark place like a refrigerator.
I want to know how to drink "sai"
You can drink it alone or with soft drinks and alcohol.
We recommend that one bottle of 112ml be taken everyday immediately after getting up or before going to bed. When you drink "sai" with mineral water or other drinks, please drink it soon, otherwise the ingredients will settle.
Is "sai" safe for children to drink?
"sai" is a soft drink made of water and platinum. So it is absolutely safe for children to drink.
How long is "sai" good after opening the bottle?
One year is good after its production unless the bottle is opened.
We recommend that you should drink it within one month after the bottle is opened.
"sai" is susceptible to other things and its quality becomes changeable once the bottle is opened.
Why does "sai" look black?
The color of a metal is fixed when it becomes particles and in colloidized condition. In case of gold, the color is from red to blueish purple. In case of silver, yellow. In case of platinum, black. Why does this phenomenon occur? Electrons around metal particles absorb light and the difference of colors depends on the length of absorbed light waves. Originally, the color of colloidized platinum looks brown, but in case of "sai", it looks black rather than brown due to the fact that "sai" contains highly condensed platinum particles.
Is the platinum you mention the same as a the precious metal, platinum?
We use platinum with almost 100% alloy for the raw material of "sai".
Platinum, queen of metal, is praised for its characteristic of being unchangeable and rust - free as well as its beauty.
Doesn't platinum accumulate in the human body?
It is proved by experiments of Tokai University that Platinum in "sai" is not absorbed into the system of body and skin. "sai" cleared the Repeated dose toxicity test and its safety was confirmed.
Is it safe to drink "sai" with health foods?
"sai" is a soft drink made of water and platinum. "sai" is not absorbed into the system of the body. So it is safe to drink "sai" with health foods.