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The Story of sai Invention of a soft drink with nano-platinum

“sai” was discovered when we didn’t even know its purpose.
The birth of “sai” was brought about by a completely mystical power. In 1995, we happened to come across a certain metal. This metal was platinum. We felt a newfound attraction for this metal shrouded in mystery, and began developmental attempts to create colloidal platinum. However, at the time, we hadn’t decided exactly what our purpose was, or what we intended to create, through this developmental work, which was a completely different start point from standard commercial product development. As we worked, we repeatedly held our own unique experiments and were finally able to successfully create colloidal platinum in June of 1996.

Drop of sai

The aim of "sai"

We decided on the intended purpose of“sai” as a result of another
mysterious event that we cannot say was truly just a coincidence.
At the time this colloidal platinum was perfected, we had been
considering its use for industrial purposes. It was right about
this time when we received an article published in a 1936 edition
of “Reader’s Digest” from a certain individual.
In this article it was written that the Rockefeller Research
Institute had already begun experiments on cells at the time,
and that it was believed metal colloid research would lead human
knowledge to its highest pinnacle.
We also received a newspaper article from another individual which
stated that 40 years earlier, Professor Hideyo Noguchi had discovered
practical uses for metal colloids for a human body.
We believed that this news came also as some form of guide,
and aimed to create an ingestible version of colloidal platinum.

After the entire development team tried ingestion of the product continually for half a year, we gave free trials to a certain portion of those who wished to try. Approximately two and a half years later, as various results of ingestion came out, we began receiving requests to sell the product.
With the support of such enthusiasts, we were able to have our application for use in soft drinks, typically difficult to achieve, approved after clarifying the physical properties and proving the safety of the product through various tests. This was the birth of the world’s first colloidal platinum containing drink. This concludes the history of how we, guided through powers from various sources, became able to supply everyone with colloidal platinum.

World's first nano-platinum drink sai