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What is platinum particle?

Gold and platinum are known as some of the rarest metals on earth.

Unlike other metals, these two both have the property of being extremely resistant to oxidation.

This means that they do not change or rust once inside the body.

People have been adding gold dust to alcohol and food for its health properties since ancient times.

Our ancestors understood the attributes of precious metals.

Grace of SAI
Illustration: Platinum nanoparticles
SAI drinker

The platinum particles in “sai” are enveloped in clouds of electrons (e).

The platinum continuously emits electrons and it passes out of your body

along with your waste products.

Rest assured that the platinum particles do not remain inside your body.

Even the Japanese Ministry of Health, Labor, and Welfare has recognized

platinum and gold as foodstuffs, thereby acknowledging the special

properties of gold and platinum, in comparison to other metals.