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What are nano-platinum particles?

In 2012, a sound generated from sai was detected in a research conducted at Tokyo City Univ.

“sai”, which is electrically charged and releases light, is in another sense

“music you can drink”. ”sai”, which possesses special electrical, optical,

and acoustic properties, has garnered keen interest even from experts in their respective fields.

Recently, as a result of advances in physics, it has been discovered that all fundamental particles,

which exist in an invisible subatomic field, appear to possess their own particular frequency at which they continuously vibrate.

In the visible macro-world as well, the human body maintains its rhythm through breathing, the beating of the heart, etc.

In the field of music therapy, “sound”, which has been deemed an important fundamental

entity connecting the mind and body, and the conscious with the unconscious,

is said to be received into the body not only through auditory organs, but through the skin as well.

Such yet to be explored potential is sure to be the focus of more and more attention in the future.