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What are nano-platinum particles?

Every metal has a particular color when it is broken down into minute particles

and goes into a colloidal state (being dispersed in water and appearing to be dissolved).

Gold can be anything from red to blue/purple, silver is yellow, and platinum is black.

Why does this phenomena occur?

The electrons around metal particles absorb light and the difference is

wavelength of the absorbed light is expressed by the difference in color.

Gold, silver, platinum
Stable Platinum

Platinum is supposed to look dark reddish brown when it is in

a colloidal state but the platinum content of “sai” is

so highly concentrated that it looks black.

The fact “sai” constantly looks black proves that its platinum particles

are dispersed uniformly. Because metal molecules do not precipitate and they

repel platinum particles with electric potential,

the particles get dispersed uniformly and absorb light, leading them to appear black.